Philips Zoom!

Philips Zoom! whitening is one of our advanced whitening treatment that is more effective than the traditional laser teeth whitening option and is designed for both home and clinic use. We use this system as it is one of the most trusted, reputable, researched, and worldwide popular names in most patient-requested professional teeth whitening brands. It uses the latest techniques and is also the most used product by dentists worldwide with over 10 million procedures.

When it comes to Philips Zoom!, the treatment takes only an hour and you can walk out with an instantly brighter and more confident smile for any occasion. It has proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades lighter, reversing stains from food drinks, ageing and even discoloration from some types of medication and it’s also completely safe. It is carried out by a dental professional so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.  You get excellent results and patient satisfaction is nearly 100%.

Philips Zoom! Whitening Options

Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed: Chairside Whitening

Philips Zoom! Home Whitening Kit

In a hurry? Then this one is for you. Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed is one of the best teeth whitening options if you want dramatic and rapid results. It consists of teeth whitening carried out at our practice with a Philips Zoom! lamp. You could have your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just under an hour and would leave the surgery with an instantly brighter, more confident smile. For the best results, we can send you home with customised whitening trays and a home whitening kit. This way you can continue whitening at home to keep your smile as bright as when you first left the surgery.

If you’re budget conscious, home whitening might be for you. You’ll receive custom made home-whitening trays and enough gels for two weeks. Choose from two options:

  • Philips Zoom! DayWhite : DayWhite is perfect if you want to wear trays for as little as possible during the day. It is an HP formulation composed of hydrogen peroxide which is very strong and ideal for use over a short period of time for maximum results. You wear the trays for 30 to 90 minutes and see results in as little as two weeks.
  • Philips Zoom! NiteWhite : NiteWhite lets you whiten overnight as you sleep, so you don’t have to deal with whitening trays during the day. It is a CP formulation containing carbamide peroxide which works best over a longer period of time and is used at night. NiteWhite also gives noticeable results in two weeks and is available in different strengths.

How much does it cost?

We offer one of the most competitive prices in London for Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed treatments. We are currently offering big saving and discounts and our prices are one of the best in the market compared to other dental clinics in London offering the same level of service

  • Philips Zoom! Combi (Home kit and Chairside) for £299 (Usually £599)
  • Philips Zoom! Combi (Chairside and Top-up kit) for £199 (Usually £499)
  • Philips Zoom! Home Whitening for £199 (Usually £299)

As there are so many teeth whitening options available in London it’s important to know which one is best for you and how will you react to the treatment. We are offering FREE Teeth whitening consultations with our highly experienced cosmetic dentists where you can ask all your questions, find out about your options and decide if you want to go ahead with any of our teeth whitening treatment.